A Unique Cash Crop

This post is a response to Legalize, regulate, educate and rehabilitate on Financial Times, Maverecon Blog, by Willem Buiter – posted Feb. 10, 2008

With the deterioration of credit markets around the world, a unique “cash crop only” such as marijuana becomes more valuable or precious. With marijuana’s supply and demand more closely linked as a result of pure competition, the inefficient financial services cost (i.e. inflation) associated with other consumables are thankfully (for potsmokers) avoided.

Can you imagine paying all the senior managers/CEO of Marijuana Inc.(think CVS or Walgreens) millions of dollars in salaries. Or how about their bankers in London 6% on new money raised to build unecessary retail distribution outlets (current drug dealing out of the house is much more cost effective for the final price). Can you imagine the high costs of retail distribution (think Starbucks and $4 Lattes) for Marijuana Inc. drive thru locations. Also, the insurance industry would most certainly have their next growth industry if Pot was legal which would also tax the final price.

The marijuana market is most likely 100% asset secured, as Wall Street has not been able to create “Pot” derivatives to leverage the asset base with paper money. Such an asset secured industry (no debt) is certainly better for the long-term stability of the industry itself.

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