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Solar War

I had a dream… Obama decided to engage in a Solar War. He could see into the future, and in our future it was obvious that oil was no longer going to be the most precious commodity in the world, it was to be silicon, the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen.

Obama knew he needed a simple solution for our worsening economy and the failing war efforts in the Middle East. He also knew if he could link the solution resourcefully, his presidency would be infamous. Boldly and strategically he decided to hedge his losing bet of continuing war efforts in the Middle East by re-allocating 50% of the monetary resources currently utilized by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to ignite a Solar War.

In the dream, this was no ordinary War, for a Solar War was a war on war itself – otherwise known as peace. Solution driven for the hobbling world economy as well as world peace, the dream of a Solar War took on multiple dimensions.

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The Sushi Paradox: A True Measure of Inflation

Did you ever wonder why the poor man’s food of white rice has been coupled with the rich man’s delicacy of raw fish to make sushi? Quite the paradox, no? Colorful, super-fresh fish, packed with raw protein derived from the depths of our diverse, oceanic ecosystem gently laid on a bed of white, stale, and nutrient-stripped rice.

In any case, the last few times I have eaten at my choice sushi spots, I can’t help but notice that there is more and more rice in relation to raw fish in my sushi. I keep hearing that there isn’t any inflation in the economy, but the growing rice to fish ratio in my sushi is clearly telling me otherwise.

Pluranomics Film

Dear Michigan Economics Society (MES),

Thank you for the opportunity to teach economics at the University of Michigan. The questions were insightful and thoughtful. We sincerely welcome you to further our discussion on this blog.

Attached is the Pluranomics Film that we presented to you at the close of the lecture. Thanks again.


Go Blue!

Doug & Genna Wolkon

Solar Currency

“Businesses Barter For Renewable Energy”

A New Local Investment and Credit System designed to grow renewable energy and strengthen local economies.

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What Causes Inflation?

What causes the prices to go up and real value to go down?┬áTo understand what causes inflation, visualize using only one economic variable – LAND; because ALL material things we buy or use originate from the land.

The land may change form, but the wooden floor you stand on (trees), the fork you hold (metals), the road you drive on (asphalt, derived from oil), the T-shirt you wear (cotton plant), the boat you sail (fiberglass, from sand or silica), and the food you eat are all originally derived from the land.

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What Happens When Housing Supply Meets Demand

So often I am asked if I think home prices are going up or down. I remember in 2004 sitting around a big conference table with my private equity partners answering this same question (we financed large condo projects and bought raw land parcels to resell to home builders). And even with the 30%+ drop in housing prices in America from their peak in 2006, my then most unpopular answer has not changed, its still “down”. Continued »

Economic Detox

So what is an Economic Detox? Raw green vegetables consumed through a straw is the food equivalent. Think diarrhea. I know what you are thinking, “yuk”. But as Wall Street has learned the hard way, we have no choice in the matter. Our economy is detoxing whether we like it or not; dropping our excess weight in order to regain our balance; flushing our obese corporate and government costs down the toilet in support of the long-term prosperity of the quicker, lighter, faster and more profitable Mom and Pop entrepreneurs. Continued »