Energy Revolution

Earn your own energy, don’t borrow someone elses. Renewable energy emerges as the true “treasury” security in the economy of the future!

I Do Not Know Why the L.A. County Employee Retirement Fund Owns A 5-Star Hotel in Hawaii. Do You?

Do you know how long it takes the L.A. County Employee Retirement Association to save 100 Million Dollars, the minimum cost of such a hotel? Do you? Imagine how many court cases and clerk hours worked by the Employees to actually save 100 Million Dollars? So what in the world are these hard working L.A. County Employees doing owning the prestigious St. Regis Hotel on Kauai in Hawaii. First of all, Hawaii is nowhere near L.A. And second of all, Hawaii is nowhere near L.A.

The story goes something like this. I must first tell you that I worked 10 years as an investment advisor in real estate for these large pension funds like L.A. County Employee Retirement Fund. So back to the story. An Investment Advisor (that was me), in this case from Connecticut, convinces the Pension Fund Investment Board that it would be a good idea that they buy a 5-Star Hotel in Hawaii. Why, I can not tell you. I could think of many reasons then, but now I honestly can not think of one good reason.

The real reason is that the Investment Advisors for L.A. County Employees are making $100 Million annually (check annual report) on such unconscious, super-risky investments; like foreign currencies and swap agreements. Do you remember how many days or hours you thought the L.A. County Employees had to work to save $100M – well it goes right out the door…annually, to people that most of the L.A. County Employees have never met.

These stories are happening all over America. And in the end, as we are learning, the retirement dollars are not going back into our own pockets. That is stupid. I am personally guilty of it in my own 401K account. These savings are completely disconnected from our economic reality. What I am trying to say is that in my opinion, The L.A. County Employees, as do I, have much more important business to conduct at home, like taking care of ourselves and our own economy with our hard-earned savings.

There needs to be a conscious shift in the investments and assets that our pension funds, 401Ks, IRAs and good old-fashion savings, own in our economy. The simple reason: for the direct benefit of the hard working American – You! This shift will not only save a flailing economy, it will lead it towards unknown prosperity. Remember, these unconscious pension fund investment schemes have been going on since before the Great Depression!

Imagine the possibilities. I envision that local investments lead by these pension funds and individual retirement accounts will create the next Economic Boom! The institutional investments will include local renewable energy, local real estate, and local entrepreneurs; three simple, secure and diversified investment allocations. Imagine 100 Million Dollars invested in L.A. County renewable energy, local entrepreneurs and its real estate; instead of 3,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean in a 5-Star Hotel in Hawaii. These local investments will immediately generate true currency back into the people’s hands that simply created it in the first place . Otherwise known as consciously investing in oneself and one’s economy.

A New Economic Paradigm

Hanalei Valley, Kauai

What if there was a move we could all make that would redirect and dramatically improve our economy? In the game of chess it would be like taking your opponents queen out of nowhere or even a checkmate while being down several pieces.

I mean, at any moment, doesn’t the economy have a chance to boom, just like it does bust? So what if there was one move we could all make that would allow a boom, as opposed to a bust. A game changer to create a new economic paradigm. So what is it? Well, for each one of us the strategic move may be a little bit different, but conceptually it is the same for all of us. WE MUST INVEST OUR SAVINGS DIFFERENTLY.

So let me try to explain our next move. And let me please say that I hope you act to spread the word so that we can change the economic system that currently feels so vulnerable. Let me also remind you, this is a private sector solution, by the people, for the people, driven by the private markets. In other words, we the people have the resources and we don’t need permission to do this – just action.

What in the world are you talking about? One move to change our economy? I will now try to explain. For example, lets take the State of Wisconsin Employee Retirement Funds. What could they do to better their economic situation, even maybe create boom time for themselves and the people of Wisconsin?

First as pertinent background information, did you know that the State Employee Pension Funds are by far the richest entity in the State of Wisconsin – yup, that’s right, they invest $82+ billion dollars and have more cash in their bank account than anyone in the State of Wisconsin. I bet they and so many other Public Pension Funds didn’t even realize that, and maybe thats why they are investing their hard earned savings unconsciously, without sound reason, allowing it to leave the State economy of the very people that it is intended to benefit. And maybe that is why they mistakenly act like they are the poorest, always worried about their future obligations not being met, and forgetting to invest their riches in their present-day, real Wisconsin economy for the benefit of their own well-being. The retirees in Wisconsin can no longer afford to passively invest their retirement savings in other States or Countries through national and international investment markets. They must actively invest their $82+ billion dollars in the local State economy to become the biggest real estate owner, renewable energy utility and entrepreneurial lender in the State of Wisconsin – and QUICKLY! Continued »

Local Funds Coming Soon!

It sure feels like its high time to mix things up. Federal, State and Municipal governments are failing. Investment Ponzi Schemes are becoming more popular in the digital investment world. And our own Federal Government is using one credit card to pay off another. Isn’t it time we made things a bit simpler, less stressful, more playful, and have work available for all that want it?

What if, we the people, tried something new, brand new. An original plan that not only invested to secure our savings, but also made investments to positively impact the quality of our own lives. What I am suggesting is we organize our investment savings differently.

Please consider the possibilities of an all new Local Investment Fund. A Local Investment Fund will create investment return by acquiring local real estate, as well as building and generating wind and solar energy. The Local Fund would even lend money to a few local businesses that had staying and/or growing power. The Fund would be a community-minded landlord, utility, and bank, all-in-one; formed by local residents to invest in their own Counties and communities. The investments would help stabilize living costs, as well as grow the local economy and generate a strong dividend yield to its local investors.

A Local Investment Fund will be the first of its kind to provide both an offensive and a defensive engine to the local economy. For example, if the local savings and investment community owned the real estate leased by the local coffee shop or brew pub, wouldn’t it think twice about raising their rents? Or said differently, wouldn’t such a rent rise just equate to a more expensive cup of coffee or draft beer for that local resident investor? Wouldn’t the investor be in effect, raising the rent on itself? The same balanced investment characteristics are true for local renewable energy investments as well.

The new strategy would make investments in our lifestyles, in the here and now, contrary to some unknown place and time like in “retirement”. I personally, don’t want to think about the future anymore. I want to invest in the now. To invest to organize our economies with minimal commutes, and educate our communities through the act of sustainability. To invest until we discover a way to lower our energy costs while minimizing our impact on the land that feeds us every day.

Could you imagine the implications of this new way of organizing our economy? Entire Counties would go completely off-the-grid. Local jobs would be humming with billions of dollars being directly pumped into the local markets, businesses and economies. Local innovation would sky-rocket as new ideas would flood the streets. Local tax revenues would also rise, bolstering the desperate city coffers.

Local Funds are the true contrarian play in today’s most finicky global economy. The people of each community have to be the ones to change the direction of their economy by investing in their own land, in their own energy, and in their own people; with their own savings.

Localism: County Style

Just got back to Kauai after a 2-month trip to the U.S. Mainland. I had not been back to the Mainland but for a few weeks over the past year. In any case, there was one idea that I could not drop throughout my 2-month economic study, during which time I visited several Counties, including 12 days in Broward County, FL;  13 days in Palm Beach County, FL;  a few days in Westchester County, NY;  10 days in Fairfield County, CT;  5 days in Suffolk County, MA (Boston);  and 6 days in Jefferson County, CO;  and finally back to Kauai County, HI.

The idea was a Local Investment Fund, with all the power and might of a national or international private equity fund; but funded by the residents of the County and for the benefit of the County. The Fund would be investing in high-yield real estate and renewable energy assets that a local investor could touch and feel as opposed to the digital or virtual investment world where most of us currently have all our investment eggs.

Jungle Cottage

“Counties!”  I first realized it while staying in my jungle cottage within the concrete jungle of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, it would be the Counties that would lead America through the Economic Revolution; the Counties, who are unencumbered by the high debts and expenses of our other authorities including towns, cities, states, and federal governments. Huh, Counties. What in the world are you talking about?

Lets use my former, Fairfield County, CT, which maybe the wealthiest County in America – a place where many billionaires and thousands of millionaires call home; Say that the residents (rich and poor) of Fairfield County allocated just 5-10% of their savings towards a local investment fund, which invested in local assets that an investor can touch and feel. This strategy would be executed at a time when real estate is having a fire sale. First, with billions and billions of dollars to invest, such an investment fund would ignite the Fairfield County economy, spurring job growth, creating competition in the energy markets, and replacing out of town or absentee landlords with a locally-minded investor fund.

As I travelled from County to County, my vision only became clearer in my mind. This will be the first of many blog posts on this topic among others, as this Mainland trip certainly got my juices flowing. With bond yields rising and inflation in the air, the time is now for Localism to take hold – County Style!

Solar War

I had a dream… Obama decided to engage in a Solar War. He could see into the future, and in our future it was obvious that oil was no longer going to be the most precious commodity in the world, it was to be silicon, the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen.

Obama knew he needed a simple solution for our worsening economy and the failing war efforts in the Middle East. He also knew if he could link the solution resourcefully, his presidency would be infamous. Boldly and strategically he decided to hedge his losing bet of continuing war efforts in the Middle East by re-allocating 50% of the monetary resources currently utilized by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to ignite a Solar War.

In the dream, this was no ordinary War, for a Solar War was a war on war itself – otherwise known as peace. Solution driven for the hobbling world economy as well as world peace, the dream of a Solar War took on multiple dimensions.

Continued »

Solar Currency

“Businesses Barter For Renewable Energy”

A New Local Investment and Credit System designed to grow renewable energy and strengthen local economies.

Continued »


A falling knife cuts scrambling hands,
Crushing greed in its path, it makes it’s demands. 
A powerful force exposes weak links, 
Revealing the financial elitists’ calculating winks.
We believed the full story, the old American Dream,
Now fumble for truth beneath the whole scheme. 
What if we woke up to our foolish ways? 
Seeking a simpler life for tomorrow’s days. 
Stop saving money for a wishful life ahead, 
We’ll live for today and retire when dead. Continued »