Erase Everything You Think You Know About Economics

Huh? Can someone please explain to me what all this gibberish means?

How does this explain where my food and energy comes from?

Economics today is based on a language very foreign to the average person’s dialect, myself included. The top Economists in the U.S. aren’t even speaking English. They are so smart that they have discovered an intellectual logarithmic formula to ascertain how you and I will live in this monopoly game we call life, and yet none of us understand what the heck it all means. The more confusing the logarithm, the more medals and Nobel Peace Prizes we hand out to its creator, the more we trust in their economic direction. Then we continue our lives believing that because they understand this gibberish and speak this language that the majority of us don’t ever care to dissect, that they must know something about Economics that we don’t. Therefore we put our blind faith and trust in them to directly operate the purse strings of America and indirectly our pocketbook and lifestyle as well.

Since these so-called Economists have complicated matters to the point of illegibility for most of us, I thought that I would give it a shot and create my own Economic formula.

It’s time to take out our erasers and start re-thinking what Economics really looks like.

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