Solar War

I had a dream… Obama decided to engage in a Solar War. He could see into the future, and in our future it was obvious that oil was no longer going to be the most precious commodity in the world, it was to be silicon, the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen.

Obama knew he needed a simple solution for our worsening economy and the failing war efforts in the Middle East. He also knew if he could link the solution resourcefully, his presidency would be infamous. Boldly and strategically he decided to hedge his losing bet of continuing war efforts in the Middle East by re-allocating 50% of the monetary resources currently utilized by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to ignite a Solar War.

In the dream, this was no ordinary War, for a Solar War was a war on war itself – otherwise known as peace. Solution driven for the hobbling world economy as well as world peace, the dream of a Solar War took on multiple dimensions.

In the Middle East, local citizens, U.S. soldiers and “terrorists” alike were collectively shoveling free sand from the deserts of the Middle East into barrels to be boarded onto shipping vessels. The ships made their way to the east coast ports of the U.S. The sand was quickly transported on the ground to the presently unused manufacturing plants and unemployed labor in Detroit and elsewhere throughout the distraught U.S. economy. Finally, skilled workers extracted valuable silicon from the desert sand to manufacture millions of solar panels.

The dream was a total trip. One day we were using taxpayer money to conduct war abroad, with guns and tanks against suicide bombers; all the while the U.S. was suffering through the worst economic crisis of our generation. And the next day, U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens together were installing solar systems; and the U.S. economy was humming along as the largest producer of solar power in the world.

The dream then became even more vivid. Solar farms were being erected throughout the super-sunny Middle East deserts. Solar-powered markets displaced the urban rubble in war-stricken Baghdad and Kabul. Electricity flowed plentifully and cheaply as open communication, education, and peace subsequently followed within the region and throughout the world.

Obama became a Solar War hero, helping to bring harmony and peace to the Middle East. He also became president of the world’s leader in solar power.

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