Taking Out the Trash

Given the poor state of the economy, isn’t it inevitable that the system for trash removal commonly referred to as “Pay As You Throw” is soon coming to a theater near you? So what happens when our cities and towns charge us individually by weight and/or size for the trash we produce?

Think about how much trash is being imported into your city everyday, only to be removed and sent to never never land the next day. The inefficiency of such an economic system is soon to be confronted. We have no choice. Our cities and towns can no longer afford to just turn the cheek and waste all that energy. Continued »

Filtered Tap Water: A Gold Mine

Given the energy transportation costs, nasty petroleum-based containers, and cost of waste, it is inevitable that well-filtered municipal water distributed out of locally recycled glass (e.g. wine bottles from local restaurants) is a gold mine waiting to happen. Continued »

Polluted “Wealth”

These so-called “wealthiest” 5%, that burn so much carbon, also have 1.) The most polluted waters, so we are forced to import day old “fresh” fish from the “poorest” countries to avoid m-e-r-c-u-r-y in our local fish, 2.) Acid rain, yes our rain actually burns through car paint, and 3.) Toxic air, asthma is an epidemic among children in America. Further, more and more of the food eaten by the “wealthiest” is packaged and not nearly as fresh as so much of the food in so many of the “poorest” societies. Continued »

Energy Debt vs. Energy Equity

Non-Renewable Energy creates a Debt-Based Economy

  • We are currently leveraging our land value with non-renewable or “borrowed” energy debt.
  • Non-renewable energy owns the 1st Mortgage Debt on our Land.
  • When energy debt costs grow, our land’s 1st mortgage grows.
  • Such increases in costs are inflationary. Continued »

Equity Economics

When I think of Equity, I think of the Equity in a home, real estate or a business, after deducting debt or margin. I think of Equity as being the opposite of debt; renewable energy is Equity, as is Free Time. In any case, it is always fiercely competitive to get any kind of Equity because Equity is good, just like debt is bad. But, I also think of fairness or evenhandedness when I think of Equity, as in equitable; you know, you get what you earn and once you earn it, only you figure out how to best use it. When I think of Equity, I think of you! Continued »