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    Small silhouette of Doug Wolkon WELCOME TO PLURANOMICS, THE ECONOMICS OF MANY.

    Reviews for The New Game

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    Adam Glass

    The First Shot Of The Revolution
    As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well it, being our economy, appears to be breaking and Doug Wolkon is making an attempt to help us fix it. In this day and age, it feels as though the invisible hand of Adam Smith is giving the bulk of us the collective finger. Current investment vehicles no longer delivering on the promises they had made. Wage gaps increasing exponentially, a market lacking in stability, the rising tide no longer raising all ships (just the yachts) and the weakening of the dollar.

    In “The New Game,” Doug Wolkon takes us on a journey of discovery. Wolkon has chiseled out a new type of investment strategy that could help America economically right itself. By merging his knowledge of property management, vertical integration, economic theory and renewable resources, Wolkon has produced a new type of investment vehicle. One that can produce a win-win situation for all those involved. This new vehicle, with its embracing of renewable resources, could be the driving force behind America’s next great economic boom. Don’t get left behind holding the bag on this one. Wolkon has shown us the future, now what will we do with it?

    Douglas Wolfert

    Many books, and individuals for that matter, merely complain about the disparities and inefficiencies in the current system without offering a viable alternative. The New Game is different in that it doesn’t merely point out and whine about the woes of the system, it offers a better solution in its FREE Formula. This book makes you acutely aware of how the current system is based on short-term results that, over time, result in inefficiencies and unecessary instability (boom/bust cycles). Doug Wolkon presents a new way of thinking that creates a symbiotic relationship between landlord, tenant, and investor, while creating real long-term value. I particularly like that he incorporates renewable energy into his model and explains how our reliablity on fossil fuels will inevitably have to end. This book is the essence of forward-thinking — definitely a must read.

    Josh Steuben

    Refreshing Outlook
    The New Game is a refreshing outlook on the current state of our economy and real estate markets. Hopefully the ideas expressed in this book will initiate change in ways that will not only keep our economy moving in the right direction, but also nurture the creativity and passion of the small business owners that make our urban centers unique. I especially enjoyed the comparison of the “New Landlord” to the partnership all Lulu authors share with Lulu. Lulu has proven there is another way to publish books in a win win situation. “The New Game” successfully proves that if landlords and developers can think outside the box than long lasting, mutually profitable and sustainable partnerships can exist between landlord and tenant. With easy to understand illustrations and relevant photos even the most close minded, greedy and old school money manager or real estate developer should be able to see the solar powered light of the FREE Formula.

    Name Witheld

    As a former business colleague, I heard Mr. Wolkon had been working on a new business treatise for some time, and expected to read a progressive ideology that expounded on his years of Private Equity Fund experience. The result was far more remarkable. Mr. Wolkon has drawn from his basic understanding of real estate fundamentals in order to authoritatively speak on the potential confluence of real estate and investment principals that provide long term solutions to the tenant-landlord relationship without sacrificing that which Private Equity Funds covet most dearly, profitability! His critical and poignant assessment of current fund managers could not come at a more critical time in the business cycle. Many of those fund managers illuminated the virtues of their algorithmic investment methods without truly appreciating the fundamental real estate principals that exist between tenant and landlord, rents and expenses, and debtor and lender. Mr. Wolkon brings those ideologies to the forefront of his investment strategy, the FREE Formula. It is refreshing that Mr. Wolkon has introduced a long term investment platform when so many new investment strategists focus on statistical analysis within a short-term vacuum. This long term plan will allow the typical real estate investor to bob and weave through emerging trends, such as the New Game’s focus on alternative energy sources and its effects on real estate. In the end, Mr. Wolkon has found a new approach to the most important economic goal, the wealth effect of long term compounded returns.

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