Pluranomics FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Pluranomics

Why is now a good time for Pluranomics? How does Pluranomics grow the economy? Get answers to these and other questions with the Pluranomics FAQ.

Why is now a good time for Pluranomics?

Perspective values of assets and liabilities are changing as former financial assets continue to become major liabilities. Values of paper currencies are in question all over the world. Assets are being thrown up into the air as mass financial liquidation occurs. Where do these so-called assets land? Buy low and sell high is one characteristic that Pluralism shares with Capitalism. Pluranomics will enter the economic game at a most opportunistic time.

Isn’t it a scary time to buy?

The Communication Revolution is complete and the start of the Renewable Energy Revolution has just begun. Pluranomics smells a massive buying opportunity. Renewable energy will ultimately prove to be the greatest “luxury” asset the world has ever known. Its kind of like drilling for oil in Texas during the oil boom, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to own your own energy!

What investments should we make?

Local trade will prove to be fresher and more fun than anyone in the western world could imagine. New Investor awareness of the relative low risks and high returns available in both renewable energy and the trade and employment of local and fresh food production is also critical to play The New Game. Those economies that are able to opportunistically stabilize their rent levels will be first to reap the benefits of their investments as the best labor will flock to their most stable economies.

How do we sustain, or better yet grow the economy?

The renewable energy revolution will provide ultimate sustainability and growth for mankind. Its growth potential is infinite. The timing is perfect as other forms of energy become dumber and dumber. The global race for renewable energy production, manufacturing and distribution will create new job opportunities for the former workers of the automotive, building and finance industries, as well as government.

Is it like or unlike other Economic Systems?

Pluranomics is based on a pure or competitive market system where the best economic teams of people and natural resources compete against one another; yet the economic whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts. It is a true bottom-up economic system where all wants and needs of the people are bought and sold through an economic system.

What are the natural resources of Pluranomics?

Economic Pluralism utilizes Air, Water & Light as its Natural Resources; and Innovation as its Human Resource. Collectively, they produce renewable energy and ultimate economic sustainability. Such resources are in contrast to Capitalisms’, which utilizes land and labor resources only. Such capitalistic resources are scarce, scientifically unsustainable to grow, and prone to unstable economic cycles.

Sound Interesting?

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